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If you decided to go remote, here are a few ways you can earn on the go.

Whatever your reason is to go remote, know that it's very much possible. 

Be free to travel, enjoy a mindful living on your own terms, become a digital nomad, teach, work. . .  the possibilities are endless.

This site has some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I may make a commission at no additional cost to you.

I only collaborate with brands that I use and stand behind. Thank you for visiting.

Freelance your expertise

     Upwork is a job posting platform where companies (mostly small businesses, start ups and companies that are venturing into remote hire for the first time), can hire freelancers for projects. Most are creative projects such as graphic design, SEO, web design and such. 

     As of late, there are several types of jobs, including virtual assistant jobs, accounting, and even full time not remote job postings (though this is rare). 


     I started using Upwork to freelance my marketing skills in digital marketing and graphic design. I work mostly in the Real Estate industry and it has worked great for me. I still have a few clients outside of Upwork, but getting clients on this platform is great. Not only you have the peace of mind that the projects are being monitored, so there is less of a risk that a client won't pay you for services rendered, but you also have a chance to work with people all over the world. In addition, Upwork will send you the tax form from all the work performed. One form for all work, not several tax forms for each client. 

Earning Potential- Unlimited. Most Freelancers start at the hourly rate of $55 an hour (Upwork take 20%, so it's actually $44 an hour. There are fixed projects and hourly projects for you to apply.

Platform- app is also available in addition to the desktop version.

Perks- Great customer service, easy phone support, the platform is monitored so gives you more reassurance that clients will pay you.

Pay schedule- You can create settings to release your earned money weekly, monthly or when it reaches a certain amount. Alternatively you can simply withdraw your funds when ready.

-->>Apply Here

Cash in the Rewards

     I learned quiet a bit of information since I left the corporate world. In the beginning it was a bit of  a hustle. But truth is, once you see how many opportunities there are for you to be "money smart" you won't stop. Take a few minutes to set up the hotels.com account. It usually has the best prices for hotels and there are no tricks- book 10  nights and get one FREE! I have cashed in a couple already, it's free money guys! I will be posting more cool rewards, money saving opportunities soon!

No Foreign Fees!
On any hotel booking!
Get FREE Nights!
It's basically FREE Money!
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Please check back as we are currently building this page with some awesome information to help you go remote!