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       "I stopped living for the future"

   At age 37, I finally stopped with planning for the conventional future and took a dive and large bet on me. 


  I'm not gonna tell you some sob story. I had a pretty great life with great family, friends and through my father's job had the chance to travel and live abroad since I was 7. I was originally born in Brazil but I have been abroad for 25 years between Italy and the US. The family and I traveled all over Italy; from the depths of the South in Sicily to romantic Venice in the North. But that wasn't enough for me.

Glacier in Iceland
Washington DC - 2016
Egypt- Abu Simbel 2010
India 2011

    In 2000 after graduating high school, I decided to travel around Europe with a friend. It was a graduation gift to myself. Against my parents will, I sold my scooter (my parents 15th birthday gift to me) and bought myself an Euro-pass to travel for 30 days. The family and I then moved to South Florida in 2000. From 2000 to 2010 I didn't venture a whole lot. But in 2010, sitting in my corner office, I got an itch. I went online and started researching itineraries for solo travelers. I found this website called "Best Single Travel". I was 29 at the time and found an 18 to 35 group tour going to Egypt. EGYPT!!!! Who would have thought? The price was reasonable and the itinerary gave me butterflies.


    This was the beginning of my travel adventures. I didn't know anyone at the time that had gone travelling solo, I just got a push to do it, with absolutely zero reference. Now, it's 9 years later. I've managed to visit 28 countries so far, but it's not about the quantity, it's about the stretching of the mind. What I feel when I travel cannot be translated to anything that I can touch. It's one of the very few things that I stayed true to year after year.


Now, I have gone completely remote. I learned a ton in the first six months of the remote life; how to travel cheap, the hustle of finding gigs and just a whole new perspective of life. In this process I am also finding my mindful- a concept I finally understand because I feel it.


    If you are living your days on auto pilot, regardless of what it is that you're doing, than this is for you. If you always wanted more time with your family, for your hobbies, for travel, or whatever it is, remote work will give you that freedom. I want to share what I am learning as I go. I chose remote work mostly for travel, that is my passion. But what I hope to do is to shed some light, share knowledge and inspire you to take advantage of this possible lifestyle. 

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