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Exploring Copenhagen- Top things to do!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

This was my first solo trip, completely free of tours- I did everything alone for about 11 days. The idea was to grow as a traveler. And grow indeed I did. Here's a little bit of the must do's in Copenhagen, Denmark. Make sure to check the following post about Oslo, Norway and also how I got kicked out of not one but 2 bars in Oslo! --->>here

Copenhagen, Nyhavn


Denmark is known to be the the happiest country in the world. This is something that you feel when you are there. I was there in October so it was reasonably chilly. But the people are so warm and it's just so beautiful. Here are the top things to do while in Copenhagen:

1. Happy Hour in Nyhavn :) - Denmark can be pricey unless you do what the locals do! You can enjoy a $4 beer in Nyhavn during Happy Hour instead of paying some $12. And all this while enjoying this gorgeous view (above) and people watching.

2. Eat their street hot dog- I am a big fan of hot dogs, but there's nothing like the Danish Hot Dog! It's a mix between a bratwurst and a regular hot dog. Very flavorful and cheap. I had them almost daily. No need to get fancy just get the regular dog from the stand, you won't be sorry!

3. Try their traditional "Open Face" sandwich- Another must. On dark bread, full of mayo, shrimp and a hard boiled egg. Available almost everywhere!

Danish Open Face Sandwich with Shrimp

4. Visit Tivoli Gardens- A beautiful amusement park where you can experience fun rides (none are too scary) but full of culture and garden and funky things like the pirate ship restaurant!

5. Visit Christiania- This kinky neighborhood is a must see. If you are a fan of the weed, try it. Vendors set up on the streets and you can buy and smoke it right there. They do get raided every six months but there's little to no risk to tourists. Apparently, you can get fined if you have some on you, but that's it. Christiania is a self proclaimed little country. It's quite whimsical, artsy and definitely free of judgement. I took a little hike away from the commotion and relaxed in a secluded waterfront spot. The first time I went with another traveler. Yeah, I went back a second time alone . . . ;)

6. Take the Inner Harbour Bridge from Christianshavn to Nyhavn. What a super cool bridge that is! The best part is that I was heading back during commuter hours. So it was super cool to gauge on the daily life of the locals. If you look at photos online, it doesn't seem that interesting, but when you are on it, it's awesome! And then you come to this clearing:

7. Visit the "Church of our Saviour" and go all the way up for a great lookout spot!

8. Visit one of the castles- there are several. I went to Christianborg and it was magnificent.

9. Last but not least- Eat an Italian pizza at Restaurent Venezia, Nyhavn. Having lived in Italy for 4 years, I can tell you this is the REAL AUTHENTIC PIZZA!!!

There are other things to do while in Copenhagen. I had a short 5 days there so I took my time to select a few things that came recommended by the locals, including a Danish friend of mine. Pick the castle that you want to visit, etc. These are my top 9 and I was fully satisfied and happy. More pics and such on my Instagram- make sure to follow!


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