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Low Isles vs. Outer Reef- The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

While both are worth the visit, there are some differences between the two. Here's a quick comparison,so if you only have time for one, you will pick wisely.

Great Barrier Reef Map

The Outer Reef through Quicksilver Cruises was my first trip. The boat was incredible and parked at this huge platform. The Outer Reef is known to have greater visibility. However, unless you are trying the scuba dive, the reefs are further from the surface and therefore visibility is still a bit sketchy. Based on the Agincourt Reef, and with Quicksilver Cruises which is known to be one of, if not the best:


Greater visibility for scuba divers and the like

Greater diversity of Corals

Larger range

Platform/ boat offers more resources: Semi Submarine mini tour, under water observatory.


Very limited visibility for regular snorkelers

No beach, resting area are floaters

Wildlife (other than fish) hard to find due to larger range

The first pic shows the platform where you go snorkeling. There were these HUGE fishes that stayed in the area because that is the feeding area. That was pretty cool. The second is me with the suit. That is not an option, you need it due to the Jellyfish. The third is a pic I took, yes, lot of fishes but as you can see, for the regular snorkeler, visibility is not great.

The Low Isles was my second trip to the Great Barrier Reef because I didn't get enough the first time and didn't see any sea turtles. I booked the Low Isles trip with Quicksilver as well, the boat was the Wavedancer. Personally this was my favorite.


Great visibility for the regular snorkeler- the reef is so close that you must have a floater so to not stand on it!

Nice beach to relax on.

Other types of wildlife such as birds.

Easier to spot fishes, starfishes, sharks, turtles, giant clams and colorful corals!


Smaller boat, with no additional options such as the underwater observatory etc.

Smaller Range

Here are some photos of the lower Isles. The Clam shot is not mine but I saw EXACTLY that and it was incredible. I will post photos once I develop my underwater camera (a must). The first pic is on the beach, and the black on the water are these tiny fishes. There are these mini sharks that chase them. Awesome!The second is the arrival. The boat anchored not far and had regular transportation to and from the beach where you went off to snorkel. Take the guided tour, it's worth it!

The lunch on both boats was awesome, lots of fresh prawns, salad etc. I hope this helps some of you decide where to go. If you have time, do both :)

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