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Tiny Vacationing, BIG experience.

Austin is well known for an array of Tiny houses including communities of them. I had the pleasure of staying in a real tiny house, probably one of the smallest models around, only 145 Sq. Ft. But don't let the size fool you, the experience was grand!

This particular Tiny House was not part of a larger community. It was just in the backyard, which was quite large, of the owner's home. What enticed me the most about this particular Tiny House was the owner's touch in the project. You could really feel the craft when you were in it, all the details. I didn't personally meet the owner, Joel, as he was out of town but you can read a little bit about what was involved behind the scenes in the making of his tiny home on the door, and the importance of sustainability. My favorite line: "I made up my mind to build a more sustainable lifestyle, one free of debt that allows me to prioritize the things I love."

There are many Tiny Homes in Austin and many can be found on Airbnb, but given the specific time in my life of reducing my life to boxes and living mindfully on purpose, Joel's place really spoke to me.

The Amenities

Everything you need, nothing that you don't. I find myself using that expression in business and in life. It goes hand in hand with "I hate waste"! The tiny house was just like that. It had a comfortable couch when you arrived to your right and to the left steps to the loft/bedroom upstairs. The bed by the way was so comfortable. Light, plug, even a tiny nightstand!

Past the couch and the stair/office area, you had a small refrigerator, kitchen, sink, counter cabinets, stove, and at the end was the bathroom. None of this shower over toilet crap, a nice comfortable toilet, a cute sink, a cabinet with toiletries and a nice roomy hot shower!

I know that I am only 5 feet tall but I was so comfortable in Joel's Tiny House! It was also in a quiet residential neighborhood but only a 5-minute walk to the bus stop to go into town!

Back in 2015 Joel received heaps of exposure and praise for ditching the college dorms and downsizing to this tiny home in order to avoid debt. He built it himself at a cost of about $20,000.

Joel's place has become so popular now that it is solidly booked! Reservations are done with a minimum of 3 nights and booking needs to be done well in advance!

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