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What travel did for my love (and sex) life?

Updated: Apr 18

Ok, I'm about to get down and dirty - Mom and dad please don't read this!

I am completely and utterly in love- with EVERYTHING!! My friends have often told me I live in la la land, one said that I build every guy in my head like they are amazing princes, and one friend joked around that I am an international slut. I'm really not!

But all jokes aside having your mind so open so often, exhilarating experiences that take and give so much energy, does affect how you view people, relationships, marriage (barf) and all that other conventional shit.

The quote "In life, it's not where you go, but who travel with" by Charles Schulz makes me squeamish. Talk about co-dependency!

It's hard for me to even express what I feel when I not only travel, but when I interact with those who cross my path. It took me almost a decade to get here. Not let distractions fog me, know what I want, sacrifice certain comforts, and be proud to state my current situation. I know I've pissed some people off, and I say this proudly - I don't care! If I die today, I will die happy! How many people can say that? If you are annoyed at this post already, go deal with your own shit!

Have a I had enough love?

I've been lucky in that department. I've had 3 men want to marry me, one actually bought a ring. Who the hell knew I was the marrying kind? Problem is, despite having parents who have been married for some 45 years, I just don't believe in it. Between friends and family been cheated on, divorced and oh so many nightmares, why the hell would I want to take that risk? No thanks. A couple weeks ago, I actually thought to myself, maybe I had enough.

This comes not in a bad way, I consider myself extremely lucky. I have no regrets or resent anyone. As cliche as it sounds, I thoroughly cherish all my past relationships. And when it was good, it was GOOD! The kind of love that makes you dizzy, disoriented, weak in the knees, can't live without you love. But now, there's nothing that I treasure more than my freedom.

International affairs?

As I mentioned, I live in fairyland. Yes, I watch shows and look for men that look like characters (special weakness for viking looking men lol). Judge all you want, my life is a constant Halloween parade, and I thrive in it. No, I don't go slutting around the world, but I'll admit, I've had my fun. In truth what meeting people (friendly and otherwise) have done for me, is open doors beyond what I ever imagined. I have friends all over the globe, people that I actually stay in touch with. I have swapped life stories with such interesting individuals. I have learned a lot- men are not from Mars and women from Venus- we are from "One World".

The world is a lot smaller to me than to most, and the experiences have given me a whole new perspective on the human race. How does this affect possible relationships in my life you ask? It's hard if not impossible to find a partner that can comprehend my approach to life. Some may think I'm nuts, just another hippie, millennial, a lazy girl, however you want to see it. Turning down great job offers to pursue the hustle and freedom. If I find my days lighter, laughter more meaningful, improved relationships, disappearing frowns, deeper touch; then I'll take anything you want to call me.

Regarding the kinky side of travel, I'll admit it's all about the fantasy. I believe the ladies can read the following and feel what I'm saying: the Australian, South African, English accent, man bun, Swedish blue eyes, dark skin, stylish or rugged, exotic eyes, foreign languages, where the air smells different, feels different against your skin, and explosive new flavors. Close your eyes and let that sink in. These are the flavors of life.

So it's all good and beautiful but truth is nothing is perfect, and after all that, it takes a real special person to keep you engaged.

There are a ton of blogs out there "Travel has ruined my love life"etc. I don't think that has to be the case, ever. If the love you encounter is real, it will stick one way or the other, and maybe take you on a different path.

<-------- This quote is EVERYTHING!

Hopeless Romantic Always

If you are still reading this post, I hope that you are not seeing this as a negative one. What my travels have done for me, is not strip me from love, but improved me as a person. Maybe in the beginning it was about the fun, but 10 years have led me to mindful.

Mindful is a practice that took a long time, lots of reflection, risk, fear and turbulence. I dove head in to lots of situations since 2010. Now, I truly feel like a part of my mind opened wide. I am a bit impulsive (okay a lot) when it comes to matters of the heart, but the fact that I can even admit that now is a huge deal. I wear my heart on my sleeve and feel everything. And I am damn proud of it. Age has something to do with it too. Confidence and experience can certainly create beautiful stories. If you fly higher, does it matter if you fall harder?

The world is my prince and maybe I'll get lucky again in breaking me a piece to take home.

Find your Mindful- have purpose, no judgment, be present ~ wherever that may be.

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