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Why I was kicked out of 2 bars in Oslo, Norway

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Norway is a beautiful country especially if you take the train from Oslo to Bergen. But there is something that people don't know about Oslo. . . the gang related crime.

I spent 4 days in Oslo, truth be told I could have spent 2. I was going solo and was a bit hesitant in taking the train to Bergen and back. I had already booked my hotel in Oslo and Bergen was going to be a 20-hour day, unless I stayed the night.

After exploring the very cool museums, including the Viking museum ( see my post in destinations traveled), and exploring the palace and such, I decided for a night on the town. It started fairly promising. I was comfortable at a bar where I often find comfort. A group of locals invited me to join them. No problem, they were friendly and we were at a public place. After meeting others and chatting with different groups, I went outside to smoke. I had a few beers in me. I wasn't loud, falling or vomiting because after a couple beers, that doesn't happen. When I went to go back to the bar the bouncer wouldn't let me in. I said "I'm already in and my coat is inside and I need it." The security guard followed me in like I was a criminal and escorted me out. One of the groups left with me and said "lets go across the street." So we went. No problem getting in, we were all well behaved adults. It was midnight. Then I went to have another cigarette after being in this second bar for about an hour. Boom, wasn't allowed back in. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. At this point it was 1 am and I was pissed. The group I was hanging with also said they didn't understand what the issue was. I walked back to my hotel less than a mile and went to bed.

The next day I was determined to find out what had happened. Turns out there's quite a bit of gang activity in Oslo, and at night they rape anything that moves. These were the words I heard from a local after sharing my frustrating night. This was followed by, but it's a safe place. Apparently solo travelers in Oslo tend to be watched, especially women traveling alone. Almost protected, if you will, in a bar environment.

Oslo specifically is not exactly friendly and is extremely expensive ($20 for a small long neck beer). People tend to get so caught up with the reported beauty that they forget to gauge on some important facts. Visit Norway, because there is a lot to see and is quite beautiful. Two days is plenty, then go to Bergen. Also avoid the winter and go in the summer (May to August). I predict the people smile a bit more if the weather isn't constantly grey!

If you are a woman traveling alone- be safe. Not worth to stay out past 11 pm. So there you go, now you know.

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