Are you ready to become a remote worker? 


Do you believe in yourself?


Do you have support?

Before you Dive In. . . 

Understanding the remote life is important. Some decide to go remote to have the flexibility to travel while others do it to have more time with their families. Whatever your reason is, leaving the conventional 9-5 is an adjustment. 

1. Before you give notice, there are a few things that you need to know:

  • Working remotely, just like any other job, is still work. 

  • You need to be organized and persistent to be successful at any remote job.

  • You are officially over office politics and are willing to do away with certain perks (like benefits)

  • You have skills that can be performed digitally

2. A lot of people fail to lead a life of remote work long-term because they simply give up. They do not realize that leaving a job to go remote is basically like building a new business. YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS and you need to sell yourself to a whole new market. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either!

Having a skill that can be performed digitally is not enough to succeed remotely. You need  to have a strategy on how you will market yourself, who you will market for and you need to have a vision that you will pursue tirelessly. 

3. Support comes in different forms: community, family and financial.


Remote work/ digital nomading is growing exponentially. There are many people out there that are already successful, and there's a ton of information readily available and free to you. So, connect to other remote workers and learn from them. There's plenty of work for everyone, life doesn't always have to be a competition. 

When you decide to go remote, you may need to make some adjustments in living quarters and even social relationships. You are leaving the office dynamics to be alone in your home, or around the world. It will be an emotional adjustment, and you will need support and encouragement from the people around you. Communicate to them how you feel, and what is ahead for you, so you can count on them for the support that you need. 

Financial support is a big one. Not everyone has a successful partner to carry the expenses, while they build themselves. Most don't have a huge bank account, that allows them to keep living for years to come while they build their income. So PLAN AHEAD. Figure out how much you need to make monthly to afford the essentials, and plan your steps according to that. Building your remote business while you are still working is what a lot of people do, or work part time on something just to give you a little cushion. 

On that note, here are some great resources to start earning right away:

Teach English Online 


Earning Potential- $15 - $22 USD per hour. 

Platform- Smart phone or tablet

Perks- Receive $15 USD upon acceptance for props. Bonus for teachers that sign up, more points (that can add up to more money per class) for students that sign up.  

Pay schedule- Monthly by the 7th, usually earlier.

Contract- None

Requirements- No experience but TESOL or TEFL required, no other degree required, Native English speakers from USA, CAN, AUST and OTHERS but neutral accent a must. Minimum 3.5 hours per week.

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*I have been on the Palfish platform since January 2019. I am making myself available to assist others in getting set up. 


Earning Potential- $14 - $22 USD per hour. 

Platform- iPad, or Computer (Mac or Windows)

Perks- Great customer service, easy support from platform (computer, email)

Pay schedule- Bi-weekly

Contract- Yes, 6 months, no required hours per week

Requirements- 4 year degree (any), at least 1 year of experience with children related activities, legally able to work in the USA or CAN, no teaching certificate required. 


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