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Perfect for the Solo Traveler- Small Group Tours

New to solo travel? start here


Wellness Tours

Recenter, find your quiet and get ready to explore the next in your life.



Insanely Affordable Tours

Deals and Promotions for you to start off smart!

Save up to



Cheap International Flight Deals

Are you flexible and just want to see the world? Check these deals and SAVE!!



Now, let's get you there . . .

Hotel deals around the world

Some great essential items to make your travel adventures great. This is based on my own experiences since 2010. Happy travels!

Insurance Agent

Get the right Travel Insurance

Yes, that includes Health Insurance! If you are a serious traveler, and want to continue to be, make sure to get the right coverage!


Perfectly Packed 

Need an efficient way to pack? Get these travel cubes to stay organized everywhere!


Connect Worldwide

As a Digital Nomad, having a solid Wi-Fi connection as you travel is essential. Get this unlocked mobile Wi-Fi and just insert the local SIM Card!

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